Haras d'Elle services


Ana (tel) 0623790103

Mail. Contact@harasdelle.com

(Uniquely for appointments for Artifical insemination of fresh semen, and the dispatching of Frozen semen) 


Taffifs as of 1st January 2014


embryo transfer

If you choose to use a stallion from the Haras D'Elle , you will only pay the transphere fee, not the fee of the stallion card. 

Option 1

collection of embryos, 400 Euros (excluding tax)

recipient mare in foal at 45 days; 2800 euros (excluding tax)


Option 2

you can loan a recipient mare , from us, for one year.

collection of embryos; 400 euros(excluding tax)

and 1500 euros(excluding tax) when you recuperate the recipient mare, in foal, at 45 days.


Option 3

You supply both the recipient mare and the donar mare.

collection of embryos : 4 collections

500 euros (excluding tax)



Using the stallions of the Haras D'elle; free

The use of stallions , not of the Haras D'elle ; 100 euros (excluding tax)

Application of Artifical insemination, of frozen semen, using deep insemination technique ; 150 euros (excluding tax)

Breeding centres hours.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 14h00 until 15h30

Saturday 11h00 until 12h00

please make contact, by email or telephone, with either Bertrand or Ana, before 10hoo, on the day of insemination, if you are either bringing your mare to us or for the sending of refrigerated semen.

we can arrange a suitable time.

sending of semen

frozen semen; 95 euros(excluding tax)

chilled semen; 90 euros(excluding tax) 4 shipments 


Gynecological package

130 euros (excluding tax)


450 Euros (excluding tax)

freezing of semen

please make contact with the Haras d'elle.



Livery tariffs at the breeding center

Brood mare with foal at foot; 12 euros per day (excluding tax)

Brood mare without foal at foot; 9 euros per day (excluding tax)

Livery of Foal or Yearling; 9 euros per day (excluding tax)


Livery tariffs at the sport horse center

Stallions ; 25 euros per day (excluding tax)

geildings and mares; 23 euros per day (excluding tax )