Haras d'Elle

Haras d'Elle presentation

The Haras D'elle has been No.1 French breeder of sport horses for over 15 years. It was created by Alexis and Madeleine Pignolet.

Alexis, passionate about breeding and genetics, retained the lines of their best mares for over 60 years, testing them in competitions and creating the first private centre for equine embryo transfer, leading to  the Haras D'elles participation in ;

Munich Olympics with Pacha B

Barcelona Olympics with Quell Type D'elle

European championships young Rider Donaueschingen with Native D'elle for France

European championship Mahneim with Flipper D'elle

World Championships with Cabri D 'Elle for Great Britian

European Championships Windsor with Hortensia D'elle, reserve for Portugal

Moscow Olympics with Gazelle D'elle

London Olympics with Nippon D'elle.

Fontainebleau 2013 : Urano de Cartigny champion of Fance 5 year olds. 


With about 30 births per year, a laboratory for the insemination and distribution of Fresh and Frozen semen of all stallions available. The freezing of semen,  embryo transfer and the presence of our horses on the international scene, tha Harras D'elle continues to breed the best in French sport horses.